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P.O. Box 310495, RED HOOK BROOKLYN , New York 11231

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A non for profit organization of retired & active N.Y.C.P.D. Police Officers of all ranks dedicated to obtaining meaningful health & welfare & pension benefits for all retirees, widows and children.

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We are aware that there was a problem in last years dues and packages. We ask that you pay your 2014 dues as soon as you get your renewal notice.

Once again two very important issues are raising an angry head as it pertains to retirees:

 Presidents report

1) Last year VP and C.O.O. Call upon the National to ignite and create a strategic plan for our National., he joined with several new presidents to the National called for the rebuilding and reprioritizing of the National. "Any talk of a merge with any other group is ridiculous, as we are each demographically and as lodges divided among each other. As a National we are strong however we need to recognize that it is time to draw from our history and stop using it as baggage". Joe Gag goes on to report, we need ( and enjoy at the 1013 BSI ) a great relationship with our Unions. Citing the new PBA retiree newsletter, removal of the life cap on prescriptions, annual invitations to the PBA Delegates Meeting and the ability to have the delagets speak to us".

When we called upon the PBA to clarify the Governors joke of a gun law, the PBA came down to our meeting and filled our room, we even opened the door to ANY other organization to learn about the puzzle of the gun law. And we are thankful for that.


We are hopeful that their is a place for our input on the National as we seem to give and get the mutual respect of Unions and Politicians throughout the State.


2) It is obvious now and just about anywhere in the United States, there is an anti-cop sentiment in too many large cities. We ask all our members and members of the National To hold their tongue. why? We believe after 2014 elections, leadership from elected officials will rise, history has taught us when in doubt, create an enemy. As active members of the service we are easy pickings.  In NYC, a demonstration was held at a Pct instead of City Hall, even though the leadership is at City Hall

We will not speculate but history is history.

3) Which ever your Union is calling upon you to vote for, do it!. Brooklyn Staten Island Cannot support any candidate. However we can tell you follow your Unions Lead and lets have faith in their choices. These are tough times in Albany.


We are growing everyday at the Brooklyn Staten Island 1013, we have learned to Partner, because with it comes the ability to be heard.


I hope you all had a great and healthy summer, we look forward to a great winter.  Please follow us daily on Facebook



Finally, Dues.  If you are waiting here it is pay your dues.    We will Email you a notice and we will mail you a notice, woever all this is worthless if you miss the email or U.S. Mail.  We love you as members and we want to keep you updated. But we need for you to help us accomplish that goal. Send us your email by Sending you name and address to

 Membership Application

If you are long distance PLEASE

the dues are 27.50  this includes shipping and handling, so we can track the package to you.

Send your information to us at 

Joe Gag  


PO Box 310495

Red Hook Station

Brooklyn NY 11231

God Bless and Be Safe










2013 Presidents report

1) The VSF - there are constant letters and updates as it pertains to the ultimate thorn that divides us as retirees the "Haves" and "Have Nots" As retirees we can only agree we were let down. When the benefit was created it should have been one for all and all for one. The bogus excuse of "Three Quarters is tax free so they shouldnt get it" No longer holds true. Most retirees on 3/4's are barely surviving. The City knows this, it is the reason why "popular" heroes injured in the line of duty are kept on the payroll and even promoted, even though they never work as a cop again. Why is this? because it would be an embarassment to see how injured retirees are forced to live, after 5 years. Now 3/4's doesn't even exist and they still will not get a VSF or defined Comp. Sorry Officer you have been shot in the head and you don't know any celebrities. "Bye, Bye"

Follow us on FaceBook But remember for all intents and purposes the lawsuite that defined all VSF LAwsuites is Gagliardo V Dinkins.  This litigation including Transit (Ed Ranieri ), NYPD ( P Catalano ) and Housing Joseph Gagliardo. While we know today that the City lied in the Appeal Process, unless the case is picked up it is over.


2) Gun Licenses and what can be caried and what cannot be carried.  The State has turned into such a political issue that they call gun control restricting legitimate gun owners. The most recent legislation restricts the number of rounds you can carry in a clip. Every law enforcement officer and retiree in the State of New York is Carrying illegal guns due to the rush to pass "Legal Gun Restrictions" Again Follow us on Facebook and we update information almost daily.  But more important. If you in the five boroughs go get certified for HR 218..  Our Friend and honorary member at the West Side Range are honorable Noble and Excellant trainers. Mention Brooklyn  Staten ISland 10-13. So you will receive the the true honor you get when you served this City.  West Side Pistol Range

This is a link to the New York State form that will conceal your identity as a legal gun owner in the State of New York.



 Criminal with illegal guns are not required to file to have your name withheld. 

 Our website is adding new and different places of interest to our membership. THE MEDICAL BOARD caption contains the names and specialties of numerous health care professionals, that are POLICE friendly and accept most of our plans, THESE PROFESSIONALS are being used by many of our members and are not advertising. THIS list will be constantly updated to reflect the best care possible for our member's and their families. The quarterly newsletter will be available on the website and will continue to be mailed to all members in good standing. In keeping with our tradition of supporting our active BROTHER'S and SISTER'S our organization will be recognizing outstanding POLICE OFFICER'S for the excellent job being performed in the field. I have added the position of PUBLIC RELATION'S COORDINATOR to the BOARD, to keep the membership , and the BOARD aware of any issues affecting RETIREE'S benefits and any other subject that may pertain to our member's. I ask you to please attend our meetings for your support and input, for this organization can only exist with your participation. We have also established a presence on Face Book .com for you computer savvy members, in an effort to keep our name out their for new benefits and new members. The Bklyn 10 -13 Association has a history we can all be proud of and I am proud to say we have a future we can all look forward to. As the economy changes and world events alter our lives our members and future members will always have a home base or virtual precinct if you will, to get and give information for our members. We will be finding partners to work with and as we can see we are reaching our to our "active " brothers and sisters to let them know that we are proud of them and pray that they are eligible to join our ranks in the future. To borrow a phrase from another organization we are proud of our past, and have faith in our future. Thanks to the Board and the membership we are within reaching distance of our goals. I thank them, for the loyalty and work that they perform everyday for our members. Be Safe.


The Brooklyn & Staten Island 10-13 Association is an organization of retired New York City Police Officers, of all ranks, including Police Officers of the former Housing and Transit Police.

We are a Member Association of The National Association Of Police Organizations, Inc. (NAPO) recognized by: 

  • The Congress of The United States
  • The Legislature of The State of New York
  • The New York City Council

Representing the New York State voting strength of members, relatives and friends of a nationwide force.

In the mid 1980's, "10-13's" existed, in New York and in different parts of the country but served primarily as social gatherings.  There existed a need to geographically effect political strategies and at the same time allow more gainful services to the membership.

The origin of this "10-13", as with others, is to upgrade pension income, increase welfare benefits and lobby for a permanent C.O.L.A., for all members regardless of their date or type of retirement.  This Organizations job is to defend you and your family - against the economic erosion of your benefits.

None of our Officers are salaried and all pay annual dues, sacrifice their time and provide for this organization on a volunteer basis.

There are many retired and active police officers who may not have heard of the "New York 10-13 Association, Brooklyn & Staten Island, Inc." or who have not yet realized the importance of joining us and of supporting our goals. We exist for the good of all retired and active police officers.

If you have recently retired, the problem of a fixed pension system has not impacted on your present financial cost of living status.  However, this temporary feeling of well-being will rapidly diminish in a few short years.  Ask any member who has been retired for only five years or more and you will quickly realize the need for an organization that is solely dedicated to the present and future needs of you and your family.

Our organization continue to grow, as does our political strength.  This political strength has been further established under "one banner", of the National Association of Police Organizations, Inc., to effect the voting of those in the legislature who support us and those who do not.  We utilize a system through friends and family, outside of New York State, by utilizing those within the state, even if they were not police officers.  This is done through the "National Association of Police Organizations, Inc." .

The Brooklyn & Staten Island 10-13 Association has been responsible for numerous pieces of legislation  submitted on behalf of our retirees and active members of the Department.  One of the most important piece of legislation which has been submitted is the "Irwin Rutman Public Safety Officers Act" (Federal legislation) .  This legislation will  provide the same benefits to the retiree, as it applies to an active member who is killed in the line of duty.  This bill will provide for the widows and children of a retiree who is killed, while taking action to prevent the commission of a crime.  An additional aspect of this legislation will also provide for that retiree who is permanently injured, in taking such action.  In either case, the retirees widow will receive the same benefits afforded to the active member or if permanently  injured , the retiree will be eligible to receive an additional pension from the Federal government for any permanent injuries received.

ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE N.Y.C.P.D:  If you are presently still a member of the PD on active duty and not retired, you may say; Why Join?  Remember the saying on the "tombstone"!  "Where I am, some day you will be."  As such, the "10-13 Associations are your only protection you have at such an "emotional time".  We lost the "fraternalism" and "camaraderie" in the job. In the "10-13" Associations, IT IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL!





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